Hardware Garden #6

13 Lutego 2018, 18:30 (Wtorek)

Campus Warsaw, A Google Space, Warszawa Zobacz na mapie

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Hardware Garden is a place for everyone interested in building their own device. Making sensors, drones, 3d printers, robots, toys or any other gadgets? Join us and meet exciting founders and investors that will share their success and failure stories.

Hardware Garden #6 - Tuesday, 13.02.2018 - 18:30

Campus Warsaw (Ząbkowska 33C)

Agenda:18:30 - Start18:35 - "The adventure of developing hardware devices for musicians" - Piotr Raczyński i Jacek Tworkowski (Polyend)

During the presentation, we'll share our experience on wiping the trails with never seen before technologies in the music industry. We'll discuss ups and downs in dealing with suppliers, users and collaborators.

19:05 - "From sensor for drones to medical device. AISENS company business case." - Adam Woźniak (AISENS)

AISENS develops smart sensors that allow to rehabilitate safely and effectively anywhere with real time feedback about the accuracy of body movement and efficiency.

...and then pizza time!

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